Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"These Boots were made for Walking"

I have to assume that Nancy Sinatra was not a REALTOR® attending a convention in Vegas!

There are limitless meetings...limitless friends...and limitless opportunities to have a great time...but it also seems like there are limitless casinos and hallways to walk thru to get from 'here to there'. It seems frivolous, but the thing that is foremost on my mind this AM is my choice of footwear for the day! Should I wear the gramE pumps...and take the 'big girl' shoes in my bag? (in case I think I need to make a fashion statement :) ...or do I start out optimistic that I can get thru the day with heels...and pack the granny shoes....One thing I know for sure....
"These Boots were NOT made for walking...."

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Rick Mooers said...

This is a great blog, gramE. Thanks for sharing!