Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Green Sinkers" for Maine Ice Fishermen?

Attention: Maine Ice Fishermen: Need ‘Green’ Sinkers?
At a recent REALTOR® meeting, an agent, concerned about the environment, asked the question: “What can we do with our old lock boxes when we replace them?
I assumed they could be recycled and thought it would be easy to do a web search for details. I Googled and Googled and Googled again and was unable to find any clever green ways to dispose of them, other than the other ‘green’ ,$$$$$$, selling them online.
Selling them is not a bad idea, (if the buyer pays for shipping), but…what if they simply are not usable?
When I was a little girl, and lived near the Jersey shore, I used to go ‘crabbing’ with my Dad. We tied weights (sinkers) to the baited rope lines. I wonder if Maine Ice Fishermen would have any use for the lock box weights? I'm just fishing for ideas! I’m not going to give up my search. There must be a clever green ‘re-purpose’ for them.
(PS: Obviously I know nothing about Ice Fishing in Maine!)

Although I did not find the information I wanted about lock box recycling, I did find an interesting article on the Bootstrapper web page:
Working Green: 50 Tips To Reduce Your Office’s Waste

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