Friday, April 11, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

Attention all YOU Mainiacs ! ......Let the Games Begin!
(Those of us who survived the Winter, DESERVE the summer !!)
YOU have a chance to win $20,000! The Maine Association of REALTORS has just launched a contest on "You Tube" for YOU...Maine residents (*non-Realtors and their families *) to say by video what you love about Maine and why you want to own "Your Piece of Maine". ..Or..If you already have your 'Piece of Maine', let the world know how it gives you 'Peace of Mind'!...The Grand Prize is $20,000; Second Prize is $5,000; and eight third prizes are $1,000. You can use your cell phone, computer, or video recorder to make a video (less than 3 minutes long).

You can get all the details about the contest by going to:
Be creative , have some fun! ...and GOOD LUCK!! from Realtor gramEpat
*Please note: The program is limited to Maine residents, anyone out of state who owns property in Maine, and includes Maine students attending in state and out of state colleges. technorati tag