Sunday, March 30, 2008

'Wading' for the tourists to arrive

Spring time in Maine...... 'gotta love it'!

It's time to 'dig out from under'!
Mud Season is fast approaching.
I wonder where Bob put our LLBean Waders ??.

A local reminded me the other day that we usually have 2 seasons in Maine: Winter and Construction.
This year in Acadia National Park, we had 3 seasons: ..Summer season, Flu season and Mud season.

Most of us are now on the mend , and ready to put on our waders …It's time for the tourists to arrive !

Just a reminder: When you are in the Bar Harbor area, stop by the Somesville Carriage House to visit.If GramEpat's car is in the yard, the welcome mat is always out! Hope to see you soon.
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