Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hitching a ride with Matilda

Gotta love Acadia. In the National Park even the ducks are friendly!

'Matilda' (my favorite mallard duck) returns every summer with her wee ones. When she wants a break from swimming, she'll cruise with me around our quiet cove on Long Pond.

She's out there right now...squawking...begging for a treat. Guess it's time to grab a favorite book and head for the pond. (Great novel : 'The Other' by David Guterson)

What's not to love about Acadia!

Looking for "Your Piece of Maine'. ?

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mill Ponds,Museums and Diadromous Fish, My Piece of Maine

I love taking walks in Somesville village (MY Piece of Maine) , and visiting my favorite spots.
In the heart of the village, sits our little Historical Museum which overlooks the local library, ancient mill pond and breathtakingly beautiful Somes Harbor.
In the distance you can see Norumbega and Sargent Mountains .

Beside the Museum is a lovely garden that has become a focus for education about the flowering plants and herbs which have grown in abundance on Mt.Desert Island. Each summer there are new exhibits featuring Mount Desert Island history topics and children's activities.

We recently added an informational sign about the recent Mill Pond Fishways Project. It describes the completion of a three-year project to restore and repair deteriorated fishways and recover historic fish habitat on Mount Desert Island.

FYI: The Somesville fishways are part of the Long Pond and Somes Pond watershed, which comprise more than one stream-mile and more than 1000 acres of lake and stream spawning habitat for diadromous (searun) fish (alewives, sea lamprey and American eel). Passage has recently been restored throughout the Somes Pond-Long Pond watershed. **
(If you stand on the bridge by the museum, you can watch the fish swimming thru the fish ladders).
**Thank you, David Lamon !! (Executive Director of the Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary who coordinated this ambitious restoration project, and even volunteered to count alewives! )

What do you love about Acadia National Park and Mt.Desert Island?
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Piece of Maine

I am fortunate to have several incredible Pieces of Maine.
One of my favorite spots is in the Historic Village of Somesville.
Pictured below is the Somesville Foot Bridge. One of the Island's most photographed scenes.
(FYI: I took this photo last week when I was taking a morning walk thru our scenic village. )

The Somesville Carriage House (GramE Pat's Place ) is my 'home away from home'. Located on the Main Street, across from the Harbor, I get to enjoy gentle summer breezes , watch the Eagles and Osprey, take short walks to village amenities (book store, museum, antique shop, church, PO and Bank...all nearby). I can even flag down the Island Explorer Bus if I choose to 'run away' and take a free ride around the National Park.

The foot bridge and Old Selectmen's museum building (pictured above) are just 'down the street' from my real estate office.

When you visit Acadia National Park, stop by the Carriage House to say "Hello". If my car is in the yard, the welcome mat is always out.

If my 'be right back' sign is on the door, I'm probably across the street at the Village Landing on Somes Sound...or walking to the Post Office and Bank. Of course if it is Wed. afternoon, or Sat. AM, you'll probably find me with my nose buried in a book at the local Library. Stroll down to join me.
Sit for a spell on my favorite bench, watch the ducks frolicking in the Mill Pond and enjoy the fantastic views of Somes Sound.

BTW: Somesville is the oldest settlement on Mt.Desert Island. And,...Bar Harbor and the Park Loop Road are only minutes away.!!

Let me know how I can help you find your Piece of Maine! (YPOM)

What do you love about Acadia?
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