Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wild Times in the Village

I wonder if the winter storm on Thursday had anything to do with the successful Big Read Event that was held at the Somesville Library this week.

Thanks to everyone who braved the snow storm and participated in the lively book discussion:

"The Call of the Wild"


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Call of the Wild in Somesville Maine

Mount Desert Island is 'Going to the Dogs'.

On Saturday Karen Balducci, Maine's First Lady and Founder of Maine Reads was our keynote speaker at The Big Read kickoff event. She officially launched this reading adventure in which an estimated 1200 readers across 7 local islands will read the same book at the same time.

For the next month, participants will devour Jack London's The Call of the Wild.

The busy schedule will include 39 events...including a Book Discussion this Thursday at our Somesville Village Library. (7PM)
We hope you can attend .

If you have not read the book, come anyway to listen to the discussion. Phyllis, Tom and Jean have a nice program prepared...and I'm sure Jean will bring some of her yummy cookies.

PS: Did you know that Jack London has a connection to Mount Desert Island through his marriage to Charmian Kittredge (related to Jean !)....I bet she has some family secrets she's going to share with us!....It will be lots of fun (and delicious. I love Jean's old family recipe cookies...simply the BEST EVER!)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Times at the Somesville Library

Lots of fun at the village Library this AM.
Great children's program.
Many thanks to our volunteers. There were Happy Kids and Happy Parents!
Click this link to see the slide show!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun at the Somesville Library this Saturday

Hope you and your wee ones can attend the Somesville Library Children's Program this Saturday. (January 23).

GramEpat will be there to help with the crafts and storytime!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh DEER, What's for lunch?

We just returned from a weekend in a warmer a Maine snow storm.
As we're 'holin' up' our cabin on the lake...wondering what to have for lunch...we noticed 4 deer on our lawn and on the pond out a coyote in our back yard...all wondering the same thing..."Wonder what's for lunch"?...
"Some Different" from a weekend at the Venetian in Vegas :)
Eating brunch at Bouchons and dinner at the Delmonico Steakhouse!
"Maine, the way life should be" ....
"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do you like the Chatter or Chirp?

I've been wondering if Twitter and Facebook are beginning to make blog postings a thing of the past?
It seems that blogs are now fewer and shorter and facebook status updates and tweets are more prevelant.

Just a personal observation. I can't help but wonder how that will change the face of social networking..
And will FourSquare eventually make Twitter a thing of the past......blogs less outdated...etc....

I got a kick out of one of my young teen age friends on Facebook who recently confided in me and told me that "Her mother was so old fashioned because she was still back in the email days and would not join Tweeple in the real world ""
Guess the nice thing about emails and blog postings is that you can type random thoughts like this...ramble on a bit...and not be limited to 140 characters...A perfect platform for a 'Chatty Patty' who occasionally likes to chatter...not just chirp.
I have to confess that @gramEpat is addicted to 'twexercising' at least twice a day!...Luv to be on my exercise bike while I enjoy my #twitterqueens #tweetsandcoffee chirpers . (Realtor GramEpat @gramEpat)