Sunday, January 23, 2022

Maine Full Season Rentals on Mt.Desert Island, Acadia National Park

Full Season Rentals on Mt. Desert Island

Working for the Spring, Summer and Fall months 

in Maine at Acadia National Park ? 

Relax in one of our cozy rentals

(centrally Located ON MT. DESERT ISLAND)  

near Somes Sound, Bar Harbor and 

the National Park lakes, beaches and hiking trails .

Full Season rates range from *$6000-$7500.
** for the 5+ month Spring, Summer, Fall seasons
2022 Full Season Rentals are all now 'Pending'...
FYI: To reserve one of our Realtor owned cozy Maine Rentals 
for the full season.* (5 month minimum) 
Please Email for details and photo album links :
 or Call for more info:  207-244-9251.
( If you get our recorder, please leave a message.
 and we will return your call.)


(See photos below..5 months minimum: May thru Sept)
Rental Pending for 2022 Full Season

$1400 month + utilities (2-4 people occupancy, Parking area for 2 vehicles)

Security and Utility Deposits Required ($1400.)

Centrally located in Hall Quarry, Not far from Somes Sound and Echo lake.
ON MT.DESERT ISLAND (Acadia National Park) 


This cozy cabin has a bedroom on the lower level with 2 double beds
and a small closet. The upper loft bedroom (not fully enclosed) has 2 double beds and no closet.
Note: The parlor stove is not be operable.

4 people maximum occupancy. Limited parking. No pets on the premises
Rental time frame: May thru September. 5 month minimum


(See photos below for each level) 

Rental Pending for both levels for the 2022 Full Season

$1400 Month upper level, $1200 Month lower level, utilities included (2 people maximum occupancy on each level. No Smoking/No Pets)
Available April thru November 
Centrally located ON MT.DESERT ISLAND 
Hillside setting with Acres of wooded privacy that border ACADIA Nat. Park 

Upper Level $1400 month+ Security Deposit, (utilities included: Electric, heat, shared WiFi). 
See upper and lower level photos below.
Note: The parlor stoves on each level are not operable.

Upper Level: 
2 bedrooms, full bath, washer/dryer . 5 Month Minimum.
2 people Max. 2 vehicles Max. No Smoking on the premises. No Pets



 Lower level (See Photos Below) 555 Sound Drive, Somesville Pine Chalet
 (5-6 month Season). $1200 Month, utilities included. 2 people maximum occupancy on each level.

Rental Pending for both levels for the 2022 Full Season
Rental time frame: April thru November

Lower Level Somesville Chalet $1200 Month + Security Deposit
(Utilities included : Electric, Heat, WiFi) 2 bedrooms, bath with shower .
This level has a dehumidifier, no washer/dryer, no dishwasher. 
 2 people Max. 2 vehicles Max. No Smoking. No Pets, Utilities included (shared WiFi)


**To reserve one of our homes,  ...for the 5+month  Spring, Summer, Fall season,... please email a note to or call 207-244-9251.

All 5+ month minimum Rentals (or mutually agreeable time frame)
No Smoking. No Pets. Limited number of occupants . 2 car maximum parking. 
NO winter rentals available...Full Season rentals for 2022 are 'pending'...

Security deposit required ($1200-$1400 depending on chosen rental) 

When you email to reserve your spot, please include your postal address and phone number with your contact information .

Once we have agreed on the time frame, the number of people and the rental rate, a draft of a confirmation will be emailed to you, and the original document will be postal mailed.
Cottages are: No Smoking: No Pets are permitted on the premises.
  Maximum Occupancy: 2-4 people 

We look forward to helping you with your seasonal plans
and sharing our 'Piece of Maine' with you.

Kind regards.. GramEpat  and GrampEbob

Somesville Carriage House, Acadia Pines Rentals
E.Pat Foster Real Estate
1099 Main St. Mount Desert, ME 04660-0098 207-244-9251

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lots of Halloween fun and foolishness at GramEpat's Place this year.
Click this link to see the Photo Album Slideshow.   (google photo album link)
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Somesville Library Celebration of Maine Author, Chris Van Dusen

Thank you, Jennifer Wales and all the volunteers for such a fun event today at the village library.
(It was a lot of fun, celebrating one of Maine's most beloved children's authors, Chris Van Dusen)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tranquil Hour in Acadia

Arrived home last night...just in time to capture the end of the 'tranquil hour'
“When the day changed …………..
… Settled to rest, and for a tranquil hour
The lengthening bluish shadows on the snow
…………..Flooded the earth with beauty and with peace.”
Quotes from the Poem: The Winter Scene by Bliss Carman

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Visitor "With an Eye that Fires and a Spell that Charms"

We had a magestic vistor in our cove on Long Pond this AM... (sorry we could not get a close up shot)

The Eagle (by James Gates Percival)
Bird of the broad and sweeping wing
Thy home is high in heaven,
Where wide the storms their banners fling,
And the tempest clouds are driven.
Thy throne is on the mountain top;
Thy fields---the boundless air;
And hoary peaks that proudly prop
The skies, thy dwellings are.

This is how I imagine him this AM...circling our cove, looking for his breakfast
"My prey I seek with piercing eye,
grasp with talon strong.
Then lift into the endless sky
to sing my victory song."

"With an eye that fires, and a spell that charms " (James Gates Percival)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wise Trees Sleeping in the Cold

Winter Trees
Poem By William Carlos Williams 1883–1963 

All the complicated details
of the attiring and
the disattiring are completed!

A liquid moon
moves gently among
the long branches.

Thus having prepared their buds
against a sure winter
the wise trees
stand sleeping in the cold.

(Thank you, artist Gail Ribas for sharing your painting