Sunday, December 21, 2008

Put another Log on the Fire

Dear Santa:
GrampE Bob and I hope that you have a fun time delivering gifts in Acadia National Park this year.
It should be easy since we have SO MUCH SNOW.

We hope that you bring us a new snow shovel
so we can keep the snow off the roof at GramEpat's Cabin on Long Pond! We gave up trying to shovel the decks!!

I bet our summer guests cannot begin to imagine what the little cottages on Long Pond look like this time of year.

We hope you also bring some new snow shoes and some new batteries for the electronic lock boxes. I would hate to have to snow shoe to a listing with my 'key card' only to find out that the battery quit on the computerized lock box systems.. (PS:Santa...Please don't forget to bring the little tool gadget that's needed to change the battery!)

Thanks for the ladder last year...GrampE Bob really appreciated it. He practically wore it out, getting on the roof during each snow storm to clean out the snow in the satellite dish.

This year, he wants a wireless router for his new DLS service. (He gave up on the dish service!) Says he's too old to be climbing on the roof whenever he wants to go Internet surfing (one of his favorite winter sports).

However, he still loves the ladder that you gave him....without it, how would he be able to use his roof rake..?(Raking snow off a roof ?...Gotta' love Maine winters... Ho! Ho! Ho!)

He said to remind you that GramEpat wants a new tea pot , an ax, a log carrier and a wood splitter. He knows she really want those things because she has been recently going around the cabin singing the song 'Put another log on the fire'..
(Thank you, GrampE Bob, for putting up with my foolishness, for being such a good sport , and for being my best friend for the past 42 years)
We left some snow on the roof for you and some of GramEpat's homemade yeast bread warming by the fire. Hope you have a safe trip to Mt.Desert Island.

(Thank you, Gail, for sharing your talent)
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fishin' for ideas

I was wondering how to repurpose the empty milk carton this AM (other than some of the obvious art projects)...When it dawned on me how my mother used to freeze seafood in repurposed milk cartons.

When I was a little girl, I used to love to go fishing with my father. When we came home with our 'catch'...and the fresh fish was prepared for consumption, my mother would put the fish in empty milk cartons, fill them with water (making sure that all parts of the fish were completely submerged in water) then place the containers in the freezer. The fish would stay fresh tasting for months that way. (Of course, with our large family, I should have said 'weeks' that way :)

I also remember that she would freeze large blocks of juice to put in the bunch bowl, make frozen decorative ice candles, and freeze blocks of soup stock.
(As they say in Maine: My Mom was 'wicked smart'. I miss you Mom!)

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