Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun Times and Fond Memories

We are looking forward to the children's program this Saturday AM at our quaint village Library.
Hope you can drop by to visit. (Fun Times)

When I was driving by the village Library this AM, I saw my favorite ducks (Max and Matilda) waiting by my friend Elaine's bench, wondering when the kids were coming to feed them. It's hard to believe the wonderful warm weather we have this year for Mud Season...
(Three Seasons in Maine: Summer, Winter, and Mud Season :)
BTW:I took this photo last summer..It is not THAT warm yet!)

Thank you Nicole for the designing the event poster...and Thank you Gail for letting me share your painting of Elaine's Bench. Elaine Reddish was a good friend and a valuable and appreciated member of the Somesville Library Board of Trustees. (Fond Memories)

Realtor GramEpat, president of the Somesville Library Association