Monday, November 12, 2007

Fragile Earth

I am attending the NAR convention in Las Vegas this week. Great meetings...limitless business growth and limitless fun!. As a member of the 2nd Home Resort Committee, I attended the annual committee meeting today and listened to the other members talk about resort areas around the country. In most areas, this niche market is still 'alive and well'. However, when new developments are being planned it makes me wonder, ' How can we best promote economic development without spoiling the region's natural beauty?'
In the Northern Maine woods, Plum Creek Timber Company has asked LURC, which serves as the planning and appeals boards for the territory, to rezone 20,000 acres of land it owns to create, over time, 975 house lots in selected locations near Moosehead Lake. This Seattle based company has also proposed to set aside land for the private development of a resort in Lily Bay and another resort at Squaw Mountain. It is the largest development plan ever proposed in Maine.
The latest plan also includes a company proposal to permanently protect more than 400,000 acres of forestland in the region through a combination of easements and land sales to conservation groups
This plan is very significant. It will not only decide the fate of more than 400,000 acres of wild lands around Moosehead Lake, but it also will set a precedent for Maine Land Use Regulation Commission decisions yet to come.
Members of the Land Use Regulation Commission voted to hold four public hearings on Plum Creek Timber Co.'s plan during the first three weeks of December.
Beginning December 3rd, the commission will hold two weeks of work sessions with officially recognized intervenors and interested parties on the application

FYI: Maine Public hearings are currently scheduled for:
. Saturday, Dec. 1, in Greenville.
. Sunday, Dec. 2, in Augusta.
. Saturday, Dec. 15, in Portland.
. Sunday, Dec. 16, in Greenville.

Fragile Earth...a balance of economic development and natural beauty!
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