Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bean Suppers.Wicked Good Maine Tradition

Last Saturday night, on our little Maine Island, there were 3 different bean suppers being held to raise money for the community.
Which event to attend and where to go might have been a bit confusing to the general public. The Fireman’s sign for their fundraiser event was on the lawn of the Firehouse, where the Church Supper was being held. Another sign was on the Church lawn where the Fireman’s Supper was to take place, and I’m not too sure where the 3rd event was being held, but I know it was not at the Church or the Firehouse.
If Maine humorous Tim Sample
had been in our village on Saturday afternoon he might have described me as ‘numb as a hake’. I was in such a rush to get my bread donations delivered (everyone brings something to the event)…that I quickly went to the Firehouse , dropped off the bags of bread, mentioned how great the beans smelled, and asked if I could be of any help. I also mentioned that I would return ASAP with the place mats and some artwork for the kids. The woman thanked me for the bread and, just as I was going out the door, also thanked me for being so generous. She questioned if I really wanted to leave the bread and return with the artwork..…since I was not even a member of their Church! Good thing it’s a small community. She knew that my husband was a volunteer fireman and that I was probably at the wrong location.

When I arrived at the Church building (where the Fireman's dinner was being held) , and saw the unbelievable number and variety of pies, I could not help but wonder how many Church members dropped off their desserts at the Fireman’s event ? Bean suppers may be the tradition…but the PIES play a very important roll in keeping the tradition alive and well!

“Those beans and pies were ‘some good’ . And we all had a ‘wicked good’ time! “

Saturday Night 'Bean Suppers' is a Maine tradition that you have to experience so that you can say: “Bean There, Done That” ! Click here to read a great ‘from away’ article written my Colleen Stone for
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