Wednesday, November 21, 2007

“I’m Supa’, I’m Upright and I’m Movin’ Forward”

I met an old ‘Mainer’ friend..(in this area, he would be called a ‘local’) at our village Post Office this AM. I said my usual “Good morning. What a nice day! How are you today?” His response (which is his daily response) was “It's a Supa'(super) Day! I’m upright!....and I’m movin’ forward !
He always ‘makes my day’. His attitude helps remind me to have a positive attitude. Applying that to today’s real estate market, I am reminded that we need to stay upright and move forward. If we make an effort to master technology, and learn to integrate new channels of communication into our businesses we will be able to keep up with the needs of our clients…young and ‘older’.
Taking the long-term perspective, we will notice that (according to NAR economists John Tucillo and Lawrence Yun)
“The demographics of home buying and selling are shifting significantly, away from baby boomers and toward Generations X and Y.” “Baby boomers are still fueling demand for second homes in communities across the country. However, younger generations are emerging as market forces, and their influence will change how real estate practitioners do business.”
To keep up with the needs of the Generations X and Y younger consumer, we are going to need to pay attention to their perception of value…which includes: time, stress, convenience and service.
If we continue to remain educated, ‘stay upright, and keep moving forward’ we will be able to meet the needs of our younger clients.
Have fun taking the “Supa” classes that are offered in your area. (Maine REALTORS®
I look forward to seeing you at the Portland Educational Extravaganza in December!)

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