Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going to Vegas

Casino Gambling guide and Vegas tips: Here are a few of the quoted comments:

"Vegas is a lot more fun when you know what you're doing at the tables. It not only makes the games more enjoyable but it gives you a fighting chance against "the house". The best surprise of all is that it doesn't take a lot of time or effort learn how to do it right. The information below will show you the right ways to play craps and blackjack according to widely-held strategies, plus a little roulette routine that I like to play which allows me to enjoy the game without risking a big chunk of my bank-roll. There's also a page with tips and techniques that may be helpful if you do want to try your luck at a slot machine.
Easy-to-follow explanation of
how to play craps according to widely-held strategies. (It's the BEST casino game and a lot easier than you think!). If you've read the explanation or you're familiar with craps, you may find this summary page helpful.
A little
something to try at the roulette table.
beginner's guide to playing casino poker.
How to play blackjack with information specific to the "multi-deck" and "double-deck" games played in the casinos, as well as how to use the flash-cards below.
Three color-coded flash-cards showing how to play all hands at blackjack according to the widely-accepted "basic strategy". I created two versions of these cards. The easy version is not quite as comprehensive but there is less to remember. It is perfectly fine for the recreational gambler. For those who want every advantage they can get, the complete version is more comprehensive, with all hands conforming to the "basic strategy" for multi-deck games (which are the most common in Las Vegas casinos)."

GramEpat will see you at the Black Jack Table ! (I'll bring some Irish luck with me)

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