Thursday, November 1, 2007

Think that Blogging is a Vast Project?

"Even if you think you are on the right track, if you just sit there, you'll get run over!"
To quote technology consultant, Matthew Ferrara : “Web site logs – or blogs as they have become known – are the next big thing for agent Internet marketing"…In a recent article , he advises REALTORS® to not stay stuck in the 80’s. “The technology behind blogs – mostly typing into a box, attaching a file and pressing post – is within the grasp of almost every agent, even the dedicated technophobe”. He sums up the article by saying “Like a warp-speed correspondence with potentially a large number of pen-pals, your blog will become a hub of your online social networking activities” .
Here's a tip from GramEpat: Don't start 'Vast Projects with Half Vast Ideas’,. There are many web sites that offer ‘tips and tricks'. Why not get off the track, start blogging and have some fun along the way!

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