Thursday, December 6, 2007

REALTORS® "Can & Will Give What They Do Have"

Many REALTORS® are active members of their community …and do what they can to help their community, plus try to balance their lives. At a recent fundraising event (our local board council was hosting an auction to raise money for local affordable housing issues) I heard bits of conversations that went something like this:
The ‘word’ was spreading…..asking who wanted to car pool to another fundraising event next week…and I heard comments like: ' I wish I could, but I have my local firemen’s training group session that night'….'Sorry, I can’t come, my boy scout troop is holding their annual Chilly bake off'…'I would love to join you but that’s my hospital BOD meeting night' …'Oops…Can’t attend because it’s the night of the Bank Shareholders Meeting'…'I would love to support the next auction , but the Library is holding their fundraiser the same night'….and many other comments that were not excuses not to support another holiday fundraiser. They were choices for how and where the members were going to spend their time, energy, money, love and support for community involvement.

Maybe “You cannot give what you do not have” ..but I have discovered that most REALTORS® and Associates ...thruout the year...‘can and will’ give what they do have!
REALTOR® gramEpat

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