Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tranquility ,Terrain and Technology

I love winters in Maine ! When it snows, the world seems to spin in slow motion.
…The tranquility, the beauty, and the excuse to not go to the office ASAP!!….(Even though the road crews are usually out 24/7 keeping the roads plowed).
I don't think I'll ever get over the excitement that I used to feel as a kid when I woke up and discovered that school was canceled and it was a SNOW DAY. It will always be a reason to celebrate! Of course, on Mt. Desert Island, I had excuses to celebrate several times this past week! There may be many celebrations before this winter is over!...and I may start running out of excuses.

It’s also a good chance to take advantage of the extra time and work on improving techie skills…assuming there is not too much snow accumulated on the satellite dish!

Rural Maine can be beautiful in a snow storm…but it can raise havoc with technology.
For those of us who live in the ‘boonies’ , the terrain is mountainous and many of us live on private roads, well off the beaten path. We are nowhere near the
high speed wireless connections available to the ‘city dwellers’ who live in downtown Somesville or uptown Bar Harbor.

As the world was spinning slowly, and I was surfing the net, I came across helpful hints about building a better Web site. (Realtor Magazine online). Here are some of the subjects on that site that I found interesting and helpful.
Ask Mr. Internet: Extreme Web Site Makeovers
Tech Watch: Does Your Web Site Have Curb Appeal?
Web Site Makeovers: Look Your Best Online
9 Ways to Make Your Web Site Stick
11 Tips for a Great Web Site
Let it snow….I have lots to learn before Mud Season arrives and the world starts spinning faster again! REALTOR® gramEpat

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