Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Easy to be Green:Computer Re-Use

I am hopeful that Santa will think I've been a good Antique Little Girl and will fill my stocking with a new laptop computer and some other electronic toys. I'm prematurely wondering what to do with some of the dated electronics that might still be of use to somebody. I checked out the site for a list of places that might accept the electronics. I also left a message with our school techie and offered to gather up miscellaneous parts and 'quirky' equipment for him to pick up. He indicated that sometimes the schools can use products and or parts. He also told me that he makes trips off and on to the State Prison where the machines are either fixed and recycled ...or old equipment is stripped for parts and re purposed. 'Interesting'. I would think contributors would be a bit concerned about making sure the stored data was somehow deleted before the items were picked up.

Think before you donate electronics with stored data. You never know where it will end up! However, try to donate or recycle your old computers before they become totally obsolete (the EPA estimates that 75% of computers sit in storage for several years before finally getting thrown away)!
If you've waited too long you'll have to recycle, not reuse. Electronics contain lead and other chemicals, so they should not be landfilled (and some jurisdictions are working on banning such material from landfills). One good option is dropping off at Office Depot (See They'll accept most office-type electronics, and small TV's.
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(I hope Santa knows that I have a 'fired up' wood stove at the bottom of our chimney. I can't imagine that much heat would be good for electronics! Maybe he's a Maine REALTOR and has a card reader for the new lockboxes! )

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