Sunday, June 14, 2009

"We Get By with a Little Help from our Friends"

In this photo is my neighbor, Caspar Weinberger, Jr., presenting a donation to the Somesville Library. Accepting the gift is Tom Lange, Somesville Librarian.

The Weinberger Foundation recently gave a generous donation to our Library’s Children’s Room Renovation project. The Somesville Library Association elected to honor Jane Dalton Weinberger, by dedicating the Children’s room in her name. Jane Weinberger has devoted a great deal of her life to furthering children’s literature both through her publishing company, Windswept House Publishers, and by volunteering her time to read to children around the world and especially in her home village of Somesville. For over 20 years she published children’s books, many of which can be found in the children’s room at the village Library.

A celebration is planned to honor Jane Weinberger and the other members of the community whose donation of supplies, time and energy made the renovated Children’s room a reality. The public is invited to attend the dedication ceremony to be held at the Library on June 27th from 4-5PM.

"We get by with a little help from our friends"...
Thanks to all of our volunteers and contributors.

Realtor GramEpat President, Somesville Library Association.

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