Monday, June 15, 2009

Life is full of Surprises! Some better than others!

Look what my neighbor found in her Garden!....
Here is her story:

"Went to the Ann's Point Road in Bass Harbor as usual on Thursday morning and stopped the car at my Harborside cottage and got out. I looked at the lupine plants growing in my garden there, plucked a few dandylions, and WOAH! What was that in my garden?? A dead fawn?? Only, as I approached---he winked an eye!! So, I knew immediately that he was not dead. I named him Bambi and he just lay there in my garden. I got on my cell phone and called Scott Grierson (Grierson Nature Foundation) and asked him what to do. He told me not to touch him, to ignore him and his mother was out forraging for food but Bambi slowed her down. 'Don't be concerned, she will be back and will nurse him'!! So, I left him there--only he moved over himself behind more bushes in the garden. He must have been 'SOME frightened ' but never moved as long as I was looking at him. Scott was right, he was gone the next morning. And so were more of my hosta plants!! "
Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing the incredible photo and your wonderful story!
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