Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who is the Fashion Etiquette Dictator?

I'm cleaning out my closets....putting away 'the whites'...and questioning all the rules....
Why not be 'innovative, creative and bold'...and dare to wear white after Labor Day?...What trivial thoughts on a beautiful morning in Acadia!....I should be out and about....enjoying the National Park...instead of cleaning closets!...

In 1894 an act of Congress made Labor Day a federal holiday...celebrating the American work force and the symbolic end of summer....I wonder who made the rules that you can't wear white shoes after next week?...or who said that you have to put away your straw hat ? GrampE Bob thought I was joking when I told him that fashion etiquette dictates that white should not be worn after Labor Day....Who is the 'Fashion Etiquette Dictator'??

When I did a little research online, I discovered that originally it was white shoes that were taboo— white or "winter white" clothing was acceptable....What I did not find out was...Who made those rules?...Who started the fashion trend...and why? Although this seems the greater scheme of things..perhaps there are others questioning that concept....because , according to Wikipedia....the custom is fading: "Fashion magazines are jumping on this growing trend, calling people who 'dare' to wear white after Labor Day innovative, creative, and bold. In the world of western attire, it is similarly tradition to wear a straw cowboy hat until Labor Day. After Labor Day, the felt hat is worn until Memorial Day."...white clothes...white shoes...straw hats...can tomorrow really be the symbolic end of summer?....

Time for me to stop cleaning closets .... concentrate less on 'what to wear' and zero in on the real purpose of my designated day off tomorrow..."To pay tribute each year...on the first Monday in September... to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker. "
(I'm still wondering 'what to wear' to tomorrow's picnic...white pants, white shoes and a straw hat?)
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