Friday, August 22, 2008

I want to be a fireman like my GrampE Bob!

GrampE Bob told me about the recent fire in Northeast Harbor....and how the whole town helped. He said that firemen from far away came to help put out the fire and save the rest of the town. He told me about all the treats that the neighbors kept bringing...lots of cookies and other yummy goodies. He even got a new cap to wear . I still can't believe that someone soaked his hat in ice water and put it back on his head... to help keep him cool. He said that any fireman who needed a hat or needed food...or something to drink were given whatever they needed. He saw neighbors walking down the street with plates piled high with brownies and cookies...and chips and lots of other treats. I REALLY want to be like my GrampE Bob. It would be so awesome to ride in the big fire truck, help people AND eat yummy treats!

He said there were many heroes and he told me how kind and generous all the people were . He said it was also sad and scary for people who lost their things in the fire.

My sister says that she wants to help the Red Cross because they help the people who lost their things. GrampE said that the Red Cross needs lot of help. ...and lots of money. It will be nice if she helps them.... but one thing I know for sure:

"When I grow up, I want to be a fireman like my GrampE Bob!"

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