Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat and Tradition

In our quaint little Historic Maine village (Somesville) , on Halloween , children and parents always looked forward to going to "Julia's House". She lived on the Main Street in a charming old farmhouse with a huge barn where she enthusiastically greeted the little goblins, had great treats and enjoyed taking pictures of the little monsters. When you returned to visit, there were glossy photos to share,along with love and laughter. When she died, it became apparent that someone needed to carry on her tradition. Now the children still come to a Big Barn/Carriage House on the Main Street, they are enthusiastically greeted & treated, and REALTOR® GramEpat takes digital photos and emails them to the ghosts and goblins. Technology may change the way pictures are taken and distributed, but it will never change the laughter, the love, the holiday fun, and the memories of Aunt Julia.
Stay Safe, Have fun, and Have a Happy Halloween.

PS: If by chance you are in our village for the 'big day", please stop by for a treat and a photo. Whether it is a holiday or not, whenever my car is in the yard, and the lights are on, the welcome mat is always out.
Good safety tips at: The US Food and Drug Administration, Redcross, and The Fire Departments links

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