Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bitten by the Blog Bug

A friend of mine sent me the book "Naked Conversations". (This book, written by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, is about Biz Blogging and how it works.)
25 pages into the book and I was anxious to do my first posting.
My REALTOR® instincts took over and I could hardly wait to enter information that would benefit my clients, customers and colleages.
Today's "GramEgram"
If you have been thinking about increasing your home's value, think first about how buyers prioritize listings that they want to see. They often decide whether to look at a house before they even get out of the car. The most cost effective approach would be to begin with the outside. A little 'elbow grease' can make a big difference. Roll up your sleeves and start washing windows, repainting trim planting flowers, and fixing screen doors. Repair rotten deck boards or, for an even greater impact you may want to consider replacing your old patio or deck. Weigh your options and ask your REALTOR® for advice.

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