Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday morning in Downtown Somesville Maine

...Another Saturday morning in our sleepy little village. Pretty soon our Library will be open for business .
(I saw techies with raincoats and umbrellas ...sitting on the benches on the lawn.. tapping into the free wireless connection that is offered 24/7) ...The antique shop down the street is overflowing with tourists .

I noticed 2 huge tour buses parked out front of the quaint store with many people departing...sporting cameras and umbrellas...ready for their photo ops .

I suspect they have no idea how incredibly beautiful it is behind the store...the babbling brook, ..the recently reconstructed dams for the fishways...and the quaint cemetery... It's one of our best kept secrets!

...The "Port in a Storm' book store will be busy this AM...Nothing like a rainy day and a book signing event to draw a crowd....(Thank you, Jan, for all the events that you have hosted this summer!)....

The little museum isn't too lively yet this AM..I think our Saturday morning volunteer may be 'sleeping in'...Can't blame her for that...It's a cozy morning...Just a quiet drizzle with an occasional 'whoop de do' from the loons and a few ducks quacking . (FYI: In the Somesville Historical Museum, there are "Find the Object" quizzes for children..and adult visitors are challenged to identify 'now-mysterious' objects that would have been commonly used in homes and workplaces in the good 'ol days).

A few osprey and seagulls are swooping around in Somes Harbor).
Must be 'good fishin' this AM.

The beautiful gardens at the Historical Society building are in full bloom and waiting to be photographed!...Maybe a few brave souls will venture up the street and walk down to the village landing at the harbor on Somes Sound...Who knows, on their way back up the hill, they may even stop by my office (located across from the entrance to the landing) for a visit.

At GramEpat's place, if my car is in the yard, the welcome mat is always out.

Let me know how I can help you find 'Your Piece of Maine'
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