Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to build a home in 5 days!

Can you imagine building a home from the slab up in less than a week? Well, 20 Volunteer REALTORS ® , staff, friends and family from the State of Maine...and the Maine Association of REALTORS® believe it can be done!
Check out the blog created by MAR for a 'behind the scenes' daily posting of comments and photos. I'm already 'lovin' it'...great stories!!.. Shopping trips for ibuprofen, first aid kits, water and coolers...hard hats and gloves...and maybe a few alarm clocks for the 'not so early risers' who have to meet the group by 6:15 AM for the morning breakfast get-together!

Maine REALTORS® raised over $70,000 for the project. An additional $14,500 was raised to assist with travel expenses through the generosity of sponsors and a few rounds of "pass the hardhat" at various programs.

The Maine volunteers arrived in Mobile , Alabama today to begin the home construction project for a family affected by Hurricane Katrina. If all goes as planned, and stamina permitting... this build will be from the slab up...and by the end of the week the house should be ready for the finishing touches...needing only carpet and appliances. I have no doubt that this generous, ambitious and hardy group from Maine will be able to 'get the job done' !

Some of the interesting blog postings on the MAR site include tips from Connecticut Association of REALTORS President Ken Delvecchio who met with the Maine Habitat Build team to share his experiences from his build as a Global Village team leader for Connecticut: (Here are a few of the 14 tips posted on the MAR blog. )

Plan on Advil
Take time for reflection and endorphins
"The black snakes aren't poisonous" (oooooooh gross!)
Expect it to be an emotional journey
"Appreciate what you have, and help those who have less".

A special "Thank you" to all who are volunteering their time and energy for Habitat for Humanity. We are so proud of you , so very grateful, ...and know you will continue to accomplish great things!! REALTOR® gramEpat

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