Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Price for Overpacking

Recently I was traveling and thought I would pack everything in one suitcase to send through ….and just take a small light weight carryon with me. I thought it would simplify things on the receiving end if I only had to look for one suitcase when I got to my destination. It would also be easier to maneuver just one large suitcase with wheels...than to have to deal with several bags. Because the heavy suitcase had wheels, I was not concerned about the weight of the bag. When I was checking in, I was informed that I just “squeaked by’ with about 1 pound to spare. It never entered my mind that I had to be concerned about the weight! I knew there were limits, but I had no idea that I was that close.
I should have considered distributing the weight between the 2 suitcases. Most airlines now limit luggage to one carry-on and two checked pieces. Airline baggage restrictions are getting tougher—and more expensive. Depending on the airline, I could have been charged as $25-$50 for the extra weight. It would have been cheaper to distribute the weight between 2 checked bags. It could cost as much as $80 for an extra bag. I saved the $25 on that end of the trip and ended up spending $25 to purchase an extra bag to ‘redistribute the weight’ for the return trip! (I always end up returning with more that I started with!). I can think of better ways to spend $25-$80 unnecessarily!
Here's a GramEpat tip: If you plan to check 2 bags…also plan to share the packing…so that there are clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. in EACH bag…just in case one of them does not arrive at your destination. Another travel tip for women: Wear basic black (or brown/beige) and wear layers for travel clothes. Silk scarves,accessories and several light weight wrinkle free travel shirts (silk blouses?) can be rolled and tucked in the bottom of your briefcase. And, if possible, try to find a way to make room for an extra pair of shoes in your carryon. You will be surprised at how much extra stress you can handle if you have 'happy feet'.

I just noticed the 'red high heeled shoes in the photo. ("Big Girl Shoes"). Definitely not 'gramE' recommended travel shoes! It reminds me of the military quote " Walk Proud!..."Pain is temporary..Pride is forever" !
Have fun traveling. Good luck finding your luggage or 'your luggage eventually finding you' !
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